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Using Gemstones and Your Chakras

December 29, 2012


The word chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel.” Each of our chakras is linked to a specific color, element, developmental stage, emotional state, mental state and physical state of being and part of the body. Using gemstones and crystals can aid bringing balance and well-being to you physically, mentally and emotionally. Chakras influence our physical bodies as well and our mental emotional and spiritual selves. Each chakra in interconnected and as part of a truly holistic system of health.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, stress can build, causing blockages in our chakras which can lead to health issues that will manifest in physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual ways. We can be conscious and aware of when we are feeling unbalanced. If we can take positive actions to create greater inner harmony in our lives we can be empowered and improve our physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual health.
Using gemstones and crystals in your daily life can aid in bringing health, balance and harmony to your chakra system. Keep them in your pocket, wear them, and use them in meditation. Pick gemstones you resonate with.

• Crown Chakra- It is the spiritual center of the physical- etheric body levels. This is where energy and information from the Universal Energy Source. The color violet or purple and is associated with the element thought. Gemstones: Clear Crystals, Amethyst, Purple Fluorite and Violet Tourmaline.
• Brow Chakra (third eye chakra)- Located just above and between your eyes (almost between your brows), is associated with the color indigo or dark blue and is associated with the element light. This chakra heals and supports your intuition, vision and perceptions of psychic and physical reality. Gemstones: Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Aventurine.
• Throat Chakra- Located at the lower front of your throat it is connected to the color light blue and associated with the element sound. It brings healing to the physical throat as well as support to your ability to clearly communicate your truths and needs, as well as self-expression. Gemstones: Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise, Amazonite, Moonstone and Blue Calcite.
• Heart Chakra- Located beneath the breastbone at the center of your chest is associated with the color green and linked to the element air. It’s where we hold our emotions, the physical heart, and compassion for oneself and for others. Gemstones: Green Aventurine, Jade, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite.
• Solar Plexus –Located about two fingers above your belly button and is associated with the color yellow and with the element fire. It’s the space of perceptual feelings, mental energy, intellect and the mind and our place of power. Gemstones: Yellow Jasper, Citrine, Tiger Eye and Sunstone.
• Sacral Chakra- Located below the navel is associated with the color orange and with the element water. It is the seat of sexuality, fertility, sensuality, desire, passions of all types and creativity. Gemstones: Carnelian, Amber, Orange Agate.
• Root/Base Chakra- Located bellow your belly button, the root and seat of our life force energy, is associated with the color red as well as with the element earth. It is also connected with survival, our individual core identity and grounding to the earth. Gemstones: Red Jasper, Smokey Quartz, Garnet.


We are like Crystals

November 14, 2012

Did you know we are like crystals? There are two kinds of crystals that generate the piezoelectric effect, piezoelectric crystals and liquid. We are both liquid crystal and Piezo crystals, which reside in the bones, tissue intestines, teeth, and in the collagen arrays of connective tissue such as ligaments, tendon, cartilage, cellular structure and our DNA. They convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. Crystal Quartz is made out of the same silica molecules present in our body. Our bodies contain tiny crystalline structures like sodium, iron, copper and other metals. Bones are thought to possess one of the same qualities of crystal quartz, the piezoelectric effect. When an electrical current that is formed by applying pressure to materials like crystals, certain ceramics, and bone is applied, for example when you are exercising and you are doing weight-bearing exercises or isometric exercises you’re creating these micro-currents in your bones that are actually believed to help to prevent bone loss. DNA molecules found in the nucleus of every cell are a hexagonal crystal shape. Crystal tetrahedrons form parallel helixes; the direction of twist of the helix determines the left or right-hand orientation. DNA also is in a Helix shape, and it’s in this crystal (DNA) that holds your unique information particular to you. Hair color, eye color etc. it is your blueprint. Crystals also hexagonal, hold information. Both quartz and DNA emit light, under particular conditions. With quartz, applying force will cause the crystal to acquire and electrical charge and to emit electromagnetic radiation or light, the Piezoelectric effect. The DNA molecule has been known to emit bio-photons of visible spectrum light on a periodic basis and has been compared to a week laser.

The fundamental geometrical pattern of quartz and water is the tetrahedron and we are over 70% water. Liquid crystals can flow similar to water. Even though all molecules tend to be aligned in one direction, individual molecules can move quite freely and change places with one another while maintaining their common orientation. Liquid crystals are ideal for the rapid intercommunication required for the highly coordinated and efficient energy transductions that enable organisms to act. There is a very compatible harmony between water and Crystal Quartz because of the similarity of angles. We become like antenna’s interacting, transmitting and transferring energy, similar to the way of Crystal Quartz.

When using or wearing Crystal Quartz it is helpful to know that works on many levels of being. It can both generate electromagnetism and expel static electricity. Crystal Quartz can be used as the amplifier of other stone energies, amplifying, storing, healing, absorbing and releasing and regulating energies.

Using Gemstones and Crystals with the Wisdom and Art of Feng Shui

October 26, 2012



The Wisdom and Art of Feng Shui: For thousands of years Feng Shui has been used to create auspicious energy flow within ones surroundings. Literally translated as Wind and Water or the harmony between nature and living beings, Feng Shui utilizes the delicate flow of universal life energy and can enhance your life. The elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are important in the foundation for Feng Shui balance and play a very important role in creating harmony in your environment.

Gemstones and Crystals have particular vibrations of the elements they were created with and have the ability to clear, influence, heal, protect, and to transform energy. This makes them great to use in creating your space. so for example you can your two rose quartz gemstones in the Southwest area of your home (this area is connected to relationships) with the intention of creating harmony, forgiveness and love in your relationships. You can also use rose quartz in the bedroom to radiate loving energy.

Wisdom Art will be creating a space to share so much more about gemstones and crystals with Feng Shui. Not only on the site but also through our blog, so please stay connected, be inspired, discover and wonder.

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