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The longest journey you will ever go on, is the journey within.

April 18, 2014

universe 2

The owl, wisdom, the universe, gemstones and you. Wisdom Art: How did it get its name, logo and what it is all about?

We all gaze at the stars from time to time, wonder about the world and ourselves and ask the big questions. I learned that the more I looked for the answers outside myself the more I journeyed within. The longest journey you will ever go on, is the journey within. This Wisdom is in each of us. So where do you begin? The moment you were born in this world is a great place to start for many of us, your moment in time your birthday.

During this journey I have found myself gazing at up at the stars. I believe many of us do from time to time. The universe is an infinite place of mystery that draws us like a magnet. The Universe is not just a place that exist above on a macro level but also in the micro…..and within us. Take for example the similarities of the iris of your eye and a nebula or the fact that we a made of the elements, carbon, nitrogen, iron…literately we are mad of the same stuff as stars. There is a universe that exists within each of us and we are drawn to explore, learn, understand and grow in our Wisdom.

So what could I share or create as I fiddled with a gemstone in my pocket? And there it was, in my fingers, I have always had rocks in my pocket, even as a youngster I collected special stones from places I have visited. Gemstones have always been in the foreground our background in my life. It is believed that by wearing, holding or carrying, gemstones have the ability to influence, to heal, protect and to transform energy and I have personal had many wonderful experiences with different gems and crystals. I wanted to create something blending my passions for the universe, gemstones. Something that would inspire, empower and celebrate personal journey we are all on, collectively and personally. Wisdom Art bloomed.

Ok, but why the Owl? Well, also something I have been connected to since I was little. The owl stood for Wisdom, mystery and exploration. Known for its heightened senses such as its ability to see and hear and its intuition it was the perfect fit. Take a peek at Wisdom Art on Facebook, you will find lots of information about gemstones, crystals, owls and inspiration. Be inspired to explore and discover your personal Universe.




Spring cleaning sometimes includes from within

May 29, 2012

Custom Necklace: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Crystals..

This custom-made necklace was designed with the intension of doing some major spring cleaning, of the inner self. this meant a dusting of the heart, including love and forgiveness of others and of themselves and clearing old patterns of thought that no longer served. What this also meant that the windows would be opened,  letting the fresh air in and also new opportunities. This necklace was designed with this intentions, carefully choosing the gemstones, Amethyst: Amethyst helps to strengthen the connection and communication between the mind, body, spirit, encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom. It neutralizes negative energy and also assists people to becoming more flexible adapt to new ideas easily and Rose Quartz: The stone of unconditional love and peace. This includes love of the self (and self-forgiveness) as well as love of others. Weaving this combination with little crystals, this necklace was more than a necklace, it was a whisper  of intention and a musical song of  a new hope. It is great to clean and re organize  drawers and clearing the dust. lets not forget that Spring Cleaning  should also happen within.

Create your custom-made bracelet or necklace, visit the gemstone library and send me your idea.