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The longest journey you will ever go on, is the journey within.

April 18, 2014

universe 2

The owl, wisdom, the universe, gemstones and you. Wisdom Art: How did it get its name, logo and what it is all about?

We all gaze at the stars from time to time, wonder about the world and ourselves and ask the big questions. I learned that the more I looked for the answers outside myself the more I journeyed within. The longest journey you will ever go on, is the journey within. This Wisdom is in each of us. So where do you begin? The moment you were born in this world is a great place to start for many of us, your moment in time your birthday.

During this journey I have found myself gazing at up at the stars. I believe many of us do from time to time. The universe is an infinite place of mystery that draws us like a magnet. The Universe is not just a place that exist above on a macro level but also in the micro…..and within us. Take for example the similarities of the iris of your eye and a nebula or the fact that we a made of the elements, carbon, nitrogen, iron…literately we are mad of the same stuff as stars. There is a universe that exists within each of us and we are drawn to explore, learn, understand and grow in our Wisdom.

So what could I share or create as I fiddled with a gemstone in my pocket? And there it was, in my fingers, I have always had rocks in my pocket, even as a youngster I collected special stones from places I have visited. Gemstones have always been in the foreground our background in my life. It is believed that by wearing, holding or carrying, gemstones have the ability to influence, to heal, protect and to transform energy and I have personal had many wonderful experiences with different gems and crystals. I wanted to create something blending my passions for the universe, gemstones. Something that would inspire, empower and celebrate personal journey we are all on, collectively and personally. Wisdom Art bloomed.

Ok, but why the Owl? Well, also something I have been connected to since I was little. The owl stood for Wisdom, mystery and exploration. Known for its heightened senses such as its ability to see and hear and its intuition it was the perfect fit. Take a peek at Wisdom Art on Facebook, you will find lots of information about gemstones, crystals, owls and inspiration. Be inspired to explore and discover your personal Universe.




We are like Crystals

November 14, 2012

Did you know we are like crystals? There are two kinds of crystals that generate the piezoelectric effect, piezoelectric crystals and liquid. We are both liquid crystal and Piezo crystals, which reside in the bones, tissue intestines, teeth, and in the collagen arrays of connective tissue such as ligaments, tendon, cartilage, cellular structure and our DNA. They convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. Crystal Quartz is made out of the same silica molecules present in our body. Our bodies contain tiny crystalline structures like sodium, iron, copper and other metals. Bones are thought to possess one of the same qualities of crystal quartz, the piezoelectric effect. When an electrical current that is formed by applying pressure to materials like crystals, certain ceramics, and bone is applied, for example when you are exercising and you are doing weight-bearing exercises or isometric exercises you’re creating these micro-currents in your bones that are actually believed to help to prevent bone loss. DNA molecules found in the nucleus of every cell are a hexagonal crystal shape. Crystal tetrahedrons form parallel helixes; the direction of twist of the helix determines the left or right-hand orientation. DNA also is in a Helix shape, and it’s in this crystal (DNA) that holds your unique information particular to you. Hair color, eye color etc. it is your blueprint. Crystals also hexagonal, hold information. Both quartz and DNA emit light, under particular conditions. With quartz, applying force will cause the crystal to acquire and electrical charge and to emit electromagnetic radiation or light, the Piezoelectric effect. The DNA molecule has been known to emit bio-photons of visible spectrum light on a periodic basis and has been compared to a week laser.

The fundamental geometrical pattern of quartz and water is the tetrahedron and we are over 70% water. Liquid crystals can flow similar to water. Even though all molecules tend to be aligned in one direction, individual molecules can move quite freely and change places with one another while maintaining their common orientation. Liquid crystals are ideal for the rapid intercommunication required for the highly coordinated and efficient energy transductions that enable organisms to act. There is a very compatible harmony between water and Crystal Quartz because of the similarity of angles. We become like antenna’s interacting, transmitting and transferring energy, similar to the way of Crystal Quartz.

When using or wearing Crystal Quartz it is helpful to know that works on many levels of being. It can both generate electromagnetism and expel static electricity. Crystal Quartz can be used as the amplifier of other stone energies, amplifying, storing, healing, absorbing and releasing and regulating energies.